What does this offer me that I don’t have today?
You’ll have quality graphics for your instagram feed! You’ll never run out again! Our graphics are great because they eliminate the stress of designing something new each time you need to post.


We provide you with social media content that can help increase engagement. Research proves that people buy based on emotions and Pink Pom Pom Socials quotes and imagery can connect you more emotionally to your audience, which helps you attract your tribe and grow your community.

How do I join?

Simply pay your subscription membership on the Pricing/Info Page and then join up as a member (link underneath payment button). You will then be emailed the link to join our private FB page where dropbox links for the library and the weekly graphics will be posted! You will be joined into the group withing 12 hours of purchase (Jen, who does membership, is in Australia so there may be a time difference!)


How often is the library updated?
You receive new graphics each week. They are added to our gallery and labelled accordingly. You will be give the link in the private FB group so don't forget to join once you've paid!

Why do you create only one size for the graphics?
From research we have discovered people preferred only ONE image size. This way, you can create a post one time and use it across multiple social media platforms. Too many image sizes were overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we stick to one size for graphics.

Can I share my subscription?
Please do not share your login information with others. Your membership fee covers your use only.

Am I tied into a long term commitment?
Not at all. You can easily cancel your membership at any time and you won’t be charged for any following months.

How long will I have access to Pink Pom Pom Social?
Pink Pom Pom Social is a monthly membership program, which means you have access to the graphics as long as you are an active, paying member. Once you cancel your membership, you will have access to the images until the end of the month but will be removed from the group on the last day of the month (but can continue using the graphics you downloaded in the past).

What sizes are the graphics?
The size is 2300x2300 pixels at 300dpi

Do I own the graphics if I add my branding?
You don’t own the content! However, you may add your URL and/or logo (aka your branding) to the assets. You cannot copyright, trademark, or sell the assets. We pay for commercial use of the graphics or they are created by Brandi and Jen.

Do you offer refunds?
No. However, you may cancel your membership at any time. You won’t receive a refund, but your subscription won’t renew the following month. (There is no refund because there is nothing to prevent someone from subscribing, downloading all of the assets, then canceling.)

Can you custom design templates for me?
Yes, we can! Email Jen at jennifer@pinkpompomsocial.net to inquire about our design or Brandi at brandi@pinkpompomsocial.net for photography services, where we can work with you on an ongoing basis to create customised graphics for your brand.



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