Meet Jen

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia I'm one of those people who knew what they wanted to do as a kid. At 10 years old I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. I had to be a graphic designer!! And I never swayed from that decision! I quickly realized that this was more than just a career path, it was a real passion. Now, more than thirty years later, I love it just as much as I did when I started.

So I know growing a business is a huge amount of work. And by having a social media subscription it allows you to use that time wisely, by spending more time on growing your business rather than wasting hours each week trying to figure what on earth you are going to post each day.

I love designing quotes (it's a bit of a happy place for me) and I'm an illustrator so that's where I come into Pink Pom Pom Social! I will design beautiful quotes and use fabulous illustrations to really bring you and your brand to life! I cannot wait to help you grow!! It's totally my thing!



Fun Tidbits About Me!

  • I am that crazy cat lady-I have 11!

  • My husband and I got married in Vegas... by Elvis!.

  • Must. Have. Champagne. Coffee. Cupcakes.

  • Music is my happy place

  • I totally believe in pink!

  • Did I mention I have cats?

  • I really want to go to the US to see Brandi   and meet a bear!