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We're Jen and Brandi and we're so excited you're here and you've taken the first step to create a business that stands out from the crowd!

Instagram is a visual platform where compelling content is king. It’s been proven that sharing high-quality images helps to increase your brand awareness and elevate your online presence.


And we all want that right?


Remember social media is like a huge shopping mall and you want to grab attention and draw potential followers into your world with a feed that is professional, polished, valuable AND attractive.

Here are 4 things we excited to help you with as a member!!

A social media presence that you're proud of!


Beautiful, engaging, professionally photographed images and designed quotes that complement your brand personality, drive engagement and ultimately
create sales!

Images that are available right when you need them.


We have over 12,000 images and quotes and we add over 150 new images every single week!

Original content that hasn’t been seen a thousand times on everyone else’s socials

More time to spend ON your business... and on life!!

Stop that never ending scroll and curate a gallery to perfectly match your brand.


Use our customisable captions and content prompts and you'll be posting in less than 5 minutes


Support from other business owners in our members only Facebook group.


Ask questions, brainstorm, share your wins, use our monthly content calendars, have input into what we release and much more


5 important steps to do immediately!!

  1. Join our Facebook group here!

    Our images are uploaded in here every week!


  2. Login to our Pixieset Gallery here!

    July's password is JulySpark and is updated in the FB group each month


  3. Download this months content calendar here!

    Each month we collate a selection of fun and quirky holidays and link them with relevant images and quotes from our library !


  4. Access our content idea and caption prompts Trello board here!

    Chock full of content ideas and caption prompts to help you on your way!


  5. Go and have a look at your 9 most recent posts on Insta

    Does your feed look like an extension of your overall brand or more of an afterthought?

    Are your brand colours represented?

    Are you consistently posting content that is attracting your client "besties" aka target market??

Don’t worry if you aren’t yet — TODAY marks the day that you took the step to uplevel your business and you can begin to take pride in your social life and direct potential clients to your socials with embarrassment!

I hope you have fun exploring our Pink Pom Pom world!  You will hear from me again soon to check in on how you're going!!

Welcome to the Pink Pom Pom family!

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